Rehab Stories

Our beautiful white Shepard, Zak has been under the care of Laurie Cramer and
Gone To The Dogs since December 2006.  Zak has torn ACL’s and at his weight, height and age (14) should not be alive today. Our dogs (we have three) are our children and we have done everything to keep them healthy and happy.  READ MORE HERE


Cory is a handsome Leonberger
who I inherited from my mother in 2005. As a responsible dog owner I have kept him thin, he is groomed regularly (much to his chagrin), he takes cosequin for arthritis and has regular veterinary care. Before coming to Gone with the Dogs Cory was often despondent. READ MORE HERE


Wound and Brace Rehabilitation:  Abby
Abby is a 14 year old female Cocker Spaniel.  She had surgery for an abscess in her mouth in October.  When she came out of anesthesia, she had lost proprioception in both of her hind legs and strength in her right hind digital extensor.  Her “Mom”  has been using a bootie with a cosmetic sponge placed on top of Abby’s foot to try to protect her skin. READ MORE