Wound and Brace Rehabilitation:  Abby
Abby is a 14 year old female Cocker Spaniel.  She had surgery for an abscess in her mouth in October.  When she came out of anesthesia, she had lost proprioception in both of her hind legs and strength in her right hind digital extensor.  Her “Mom”  has been using a bootie with a cosmetic sponge placed on top of Abby’s foot to try to protect her skin.

Unfortunately, since she has been walking on the top of her foot for 3 months, this has not helped much.  She came to us for bracing.  We ordered a brace, did some laser therapy, gave “Mom” a home exercise program including weight shifts and using theraband to assist Abby with advancing and standing on her right hind paw during gait. 

On her second visit she received another laser treatment. Her wounds had already shown improvement.  She was stretched before bracing because her digital flexor tendons are very tight . The brace was fitted and she was ready to take off.  Check Abby out – she is in her brace dancing with “Mom”.