Initial Evaluation

In the Initial Evaluation the Rehabilitation practitioner reviews the records provided by the referring veterinarian, gets a complete history of the animal, and does a complete assessment of the dog’s current status. This includes several types of measurements, neurological evaluation, pain evaluation, movement evaluation, etc. Photographs and Video may be taken as well.

Once a baseline is established, the Rehabilitation Practitioner designs a treatment plan for the individual animal, and treatment is begun. Frequently treatment consists not only of exercises to be done at the Center, but also of exercises to be done at home.

In future visits, measurements will be taken again so that we can see how much progress is being made, and make any necessary refinements to the treatment plan.

Rehabilitation & Maintenance Therapy

Physical Rehabilitation uses therapeutic exercise and a variety of modalities to improve function and promote healing. It helps to improve fitness, increase mobility, strength and endurance. Companion animals, like their humans, require physical rehabilitation to recover the ability to walk, regain the use of a limb, or to promote overall well-being after an injury or insult to the body.

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(The treatment plan will be approved by the referring veterinarian before it’s implementation.)